Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club prize awarded for the best master thesis

On 30 August 2022 an Award ceremony for the best master thesis was organised by the Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club (hereinafter – LAC). This year, five thesis were submitted for the LAC competition. After extensive discussions, it was decided to award the € 500 prize to Mr Paulius Siratavičius, the General Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy. The topic of his master thesis wass “Military Training and Stabilisation Missions as a Tool for Peacebuilding” (supervisor – Prof. Dr. Gediminas Vitkus). “The thesis was based on personal and other officers’ experience. Peacekeeping is a universal task that requires a very broad knowledge, including diplomatic,” – said Paulius Siratavičius in his appreciation speech for the award.

LAC also expressed its gratitude to Ms Urtė Jakubėnaitė for her thesis on “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis on Rwanda’s National Reconciliation Policies“, Vilnius University; Mr Tautvydas Mickevičius, for his thesis on “Identity of France as an International Actor: Analysis of the Rhetoric of Presidents Hollande and Macron in the Context of the Syrian Crisis“, Vytautas Magnus University; Ms Olivia Kazimiera Sinkevičiūtė for her thesis “Prevention of Virtual Currency and Money Laundering in the Perspective of International Law“, Mykolas Romeris University and Mr Aleksej Trimailov for his thesis “Priorities of State Border Protection in the XXI Century. The priorities of border control in the security policy of Lithuania and the EU“, Klaipėda University.

All winners were awarded with Ambassador Algirdas Kumža book “The Orange Romance” with the author’s autograph.

The event, which has become traditional, once again have demonstrated a high level of Lithuanian universities in the training of international relations analysts, which in the near future could enrich the ranks of the Lithuanian diplomatic service.

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