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Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club

The Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club was established in November 2014 and currently unites one hundred and twenty-five (125) members. The members of the club are Lithuanian ambassadors residing in various countries of the world, diplomats with the rank of ambassador working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as ambassadors who have completed active diplomatic activities.

The objectives of the club are:

  • to strengthen the international authority of the Republic of Lithuania, to develop and strengthen Lithuanian diplomacy and its traditions;
  • to take care of the millennial history of Lithuanian diplomacy, the proper perpetuation of its personalities and facts;
  • to maintain contacts with foreign ambassadors accredited to Lithuania and similar ambassadors’ (diplomats’) clubs abroad;
  • to unite club members, promote their communication, take care of the status of ambassadors and the implementation of social guarantees;
  • to gather and disseminate the experience of ambassadors.

In order to achieve its objectives, the club implements the following activities:

  • encourages club members to convey their experience and knowledge in memoirs, descriptions and audio-visual materials;
  • seeks to make the experience of club members available to all diplomats, as well as scientists, writers and journalists;
  • publishes books and other publications, audio-visual material about Lithuanian diplomacy;
  • provides the public with information on its website;
  • organises discussions, conferences, seminars, forums and other events.
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