Lecture by UK Ambassador Brian Olley

On 8 December 2021, the UK Ambassador to Lithuania, H.E. Mr Brian Olley, delivered a virtual lecture: “Training of British Diplomats – 70:20:10, but which is which?” The large number of Lithuanian diplomats joined the event and their active participation demonstrated the relevance of the proposed topic. 

During the lecture, the UK Ambassador shared his experience and the best practice for training young diplomats. He also spoke about a learning culture, learning process in the British Embassy in Vilnius, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s approach to learning and the impact of the pandemic.

So what does it mean “70:20:10”? The answer is simple – it is a learning model where: 70% is learning from experience, 20% is learning from colleagues and 10% is structured learning (i.e., various webinars, workshops, etc.). As well, the UK Ambassador stressed the importance of the mentoring programme and its successful application in the diplomatic service. He also spoke about reverse mentoring, when junior UK diplomats mentor senior diplomats.

Ambassador B. Olley stressed that every diplomat must be responsible for his or her own learning and development. Learning is a continuous journey towards a goal.

The British Ambassador to Lithuania, Mr. Brian Olley, became the first foreign ambassador residing in Lithuania who kindly agreed to participate in the Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club event and share his views on the selected topic.

Video of the lecture: https://vimeo.com/655238761/3d3f9ab018


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