Acknowledgement of LAC Members by Minister of Foreign Affairs G. Landsbergis

On 17 December 2021, Minister for Foreign Affairs G. Landsbergis expressed his gratitude to the Foreign Ministry colleagues and the LAC Ambassadors R. Bernotas, A. Kumža, A. Rimkūnas and A. Žurauskas, for their contribution to raising the profile and attractiveness of the diplomatic profession through the implementation of the Ministry’s Young Talent and Mentoring Programmes.

For the first time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the Young Talent and Mentoring Programmes, which are aimed at providing students with insights into the versatility and the challenges of the diplomatic service, gaining a better understanding of the profession of a diplomat, participating in the international networking, conferences and meetings, developing their skills and increasing their knowledge on their chosen topics. The mentoring programme will enable the experienced colleagues of the Ministry to share their professional experience and knowledge with students, thus contributing to the openness and attractiveness of the diplomatic service.



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