Discussion of the Political Vicissitudes of Diplomat K. Škirpa

On 17 June 2021 the Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club (hereinafter – LAC) held a virtual discussion: “Political vicissitudes of Diplomat K. Škirpa”. The lecture was given by the famous historian, ambassador prof. Alfonsas Eidintas.

Škirpa was a rather controversial personality, not always understood and justified for his activities and ideas. Prof. A. Eidintas covered the concept of K. Škirpa’s possibilities of Lithuanian statehood, taking into account the political and military situation at that time and his personality traits. Perhaps the most resonant and disapproving idea of K. Škirpa was his proposal to attack Vilnius in September 1939 together with Nazi Germany. However, there were more tortuous, radical ideas on the path of this diplomat and politician.

According to Prof. A. Eidintas, K.Škirpa thought about the beginning of the war, but did not think about the end – possible consequences for Lithuania. “He was a diplomat of imagination – there have been many in history,” the professor said.


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