Work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In October 2006, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, paid an official visit to Vilnius. A reception was held at the City Hall. Before the arrival of the royal couple, the guests were asked to line up in the groups of 7-8 people so that the Queen and the Duke could greet everyone at the reception.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband approached the group of guests and shook hands with each guest. The Queen’s greeting was accompanied only by her kind smile, and Duke Philip sometimes used to make a comment.

As he approached me, Duke Philip asked – “You must be pleased that you don’t have to go to work today because of our visit?” Before I could say anything, he continued – “By the way, where do you work?” I said, “in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. When Duke Philip immediately responded – “Oh, in that case you are at work”.

A. Rimkūnas


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