Lecture by the Lithuanian Ambassador Eduardas Borisovas

On 21 February 2022, Ambassador, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Poland Eduardas Borisovas delivered a virtual lecture-discussion: “Conversation without emotions: Poland – Lithuania’s strategic partner“. A large number of the Lithuanian diplomats (more than 109 attended the discussion) joined the event and their active participation demonstrated the relevance of the proposed topic. 

During the lecture, the Lithuanian Ambassador shared his insights on the internal politics of Poland and the upcoming Parliamentary elections in 2023. Ambassador paid a particular attention to the strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland in the areas of security policy, economy, energy, transport, education and other areas. Ambassador E. Borisovas, noting the very good existing relations between Lithuania and Poland, particularly highlighted the close cooperation between the two countries in the field of security and welcomed a breakthrough of the implementation of the important infrastructure projects.

Ambassador E. Borisovas also provided detailed information on the relations of Poland with the European Union, Germany, the USA, the UK, China, Ukraine, Belarus and answered questions from the participants.

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