2019 LAC Prize

In 2019 LAC Prize was awarded to Ms Samanta Fominova for a Master’s thesis: “Legal and Physical Barriers for NGOs Activities: the Case Study of Russia“

Samanta Fominova, VDU (2019)

2020 LAC Prize

In 2020  LAC Prize was awarded to Ms Miglė Lapėnaitė for a Master’s thesis: “Women’s participation in military conflicts: a Case Study of Ukraine”

Lapėnaitė Miglė, VU TSPMI (2020)


LAC Prize for the best Master's thesis

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On 14 July 2020 the Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club (hereinafter – LAC) has awarded the 2020 LAC Prize to Ms Migle Lapėnaitė, a graduate of the Master’s programme at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University, for a Master’s thesis: “Women’s participation in Military Conflicts: a Case Study of Ukraine”. Supervisor – Dr. Lina Strupinskienė.  The ceremony was also attended by the members of the LAC Board. The awards were followed by a discussion on the role of women in military conflicts, their involvement in their settlement and post-conflict rehabilitation. The methodology for the preparation of the paper was also discussed.