Discussion: ‘A Look at Putin’s Russia from Inside’

On 20 May 2022, the Lithuanian Ambassadors’ Club organized a discussion “A look at Putin’s Russia from the Inside”. A large number of the Lithuanian diplomats (more than 120 attendees) joined the event in person or virtually, and their active participation demonstrated the relevance of the discussed topic.

During the meeting, Ambassador of Lithuania to the Russian Federation E. Bajarūnas shared his vision of Russia, presented the daily life of the country and the work he has done during his 2 years of appointment in Moscow.

Much attention was paid to the internal situation in Russia after the brutal military aggression launched by Russia against Ukraine on 24 February: the impact of international sanctions on Russia’s economy and finances, the attitude of the population, the influence of Russian media propaganda, and the overall assessment of the situation. The growing isolation of Russia in the international arena, the impact of the withdrawal of Western capital on the Russian economy and social life was also highlighted.

Mr Egidijus Bičkauskas, a signatory of the Act of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, the first representative of the Government of Lithuania and the head of the diplomatic mission in Russia, shared his insights and memories about Russia. 

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